Titanium is widely used for joint replacements

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Dramatically faster process reduces WIP

Grinding or machining conditioning steps are time consuming and a huge manufacturing process bottleneck.

Our re-roll bar rack holds 17 bars per load, so we can deliver 17 fully conditioned bars in the same time it would take to grind a single face of one bar.

The MetCon process is much faster for virtually all product forms. We simultaneously process all faces of as many bars, octagons or plates as fit on a rack and in a tank at one time. Ready to forge, roll or extrude material is prepared typically from 5 to 50 times faster than it takes to midwest grind or machine.

Plus, surfaces of material conditioned by the MetCon process are clean and free of the defect-hiding smeared metal and contaminants commonly left by grinding or machining. Since no pickling or additional fine grinding is required, the MetCon process accelerates throughput by eliminating this entire manufacturing step.

What could this mean to your work in process queue, and your cash-flow?

MetCon conditions all faces of these...
in the same time
it takes to grind
a single face of this.