Titanium use is growing in architecture

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A giant step forward environmentally

The MetCon process is a giant step forward in the processing of titanium—environmentally as well as economically. Chemical and hazardous waste dangers are essentially eliminated; there is no strong acid to handle and no dangerous spent acid haul-off. In contrast to traditional titanium pickling, MetCon process compliance costs are minimal, and the elimination of HF-HNO3 allows titanium processing to become a much better neighbor (see adjacent letter).

Letter welcoming MetCon's green process

The MetCon weak acid electrolyte used for both conditioning and pickling is categorized as fully “non-hazardous”, and is easily neutralized in-house prior to public sewer disposal, in compliance with all state and federal environmental requirements. Increased ease of environmental regulation compliance also indicates reduced legacy liability.

The original MetCon plant, in use constantly since the inception, exhibits none of the corrosion typical of conventional pickling operations, and none of the explosive and highly combustible dust, fines, turnings and grime associated with titanium grinding and machining facilities.